Ain't No Party Like A Peep Party

Saint Patricks Day is coming up and then its on to Peep time!!!!! Of course, the shelves are already packed with Easter sweets so its time to have some fun!!! I'm personally not a Peep fan but my girls love them AND they are fun to bake & create with.....

Peeps driving a Twinkie car are totes ADORBS!!!!!

Peep Kabobs will look SO cute on your Easter buffet!!!

Who's up for Peep Smores??????

Mix up a batch of messy fun with Peeps playdoh!

This Peep bouquet would be THE perfect centerpiece for your kiddo table!

Peeps can be fun for grown-ups too

Peep cocktails anyone???

A Fort Worth Brewery has created a Peep Beer WITH glitter. 

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