Spring Break Road Trip FUN!!!

If you are road tripping it with the family this Spring Break what fun activities do y'all plan to pass the time???

I put together a folder of along the way facts for my girls and a map so they can mark off the cities as we pass. When we are in Texas, we like to count how many Bucee's there are between our home and our final destination. 

We print off a list of colors and mark them off as we see corresponding cars. Yes, we find pink every time!!!! We have even added some colors to our list over the years!!

The Joy of Boys has a fun list of printable car trip games!

Jellybean Junkyard has super fun road trip scavenger hunts!

We love to make pitstops for snacks BUT I also want to make sure we have healthy snacks too. I love Modern Honey's list of healthy road trip snacks!

Have fun & take lots of pics!!!!

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