EBuzz Bites From Cardi B, Whitney Houston & Khloe Kardashian



KHLOE KARDASHIAN had her baby shower this weekend.

CARDI B won Best New Artist at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, and had a message for her haters, “And I want to thank my haters too.  Because, they be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it.  (E! Online)  Here’s the winners’ list for the iHeart Radio Music Awards.  (Full Story)

Remember when SALLY FIELD tried to hook her gay son up with Olympic figure skater ADAM RIPPON?  Well, they finally met.  There’s no word if any delicious, man-on-man lovemaking ensued.  (Full Story)

When HEATHER LOCKLEAR was arrested for domestic violence, she threatened to shoot the cops, and said they deserve for their children to die.  (Full Story)

COLIN FIRTH and his wife are allegedly being stalked by a guy she had a relationship with while she and Colin were ON A BREAK.  (Full Story)

JEFF GOLDBLUM thinks his character from “Thor: Ragnarok” should team up with BENICIO DEL TORO’s character from “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  (Full Story)

The creators of “Stranger Things” have been accused of being abusive toward women on the set.  (Full Story)

A documentary on WHITNEY HOUSTON is coming in July.  (Full Story)

BONO has apologized for alleged abuse at his ONE charity.  (Full Story)

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