Happy Snap Crackle Pop!!!

Somewhere out there a group of people has THE coolest job ever, deciding what days our nation will celebrate!!!! Today is National Cereal Day and we are SO celebrating at my house. 

Its hard to choose but Fruit Loops are my FAV FAV FAV!!! My daughter just discovered that now they have Fruit Loops with Marshmallows. SWOON!!! I'm still on the lookout for the Lucky Charms with Unicorn marshmallows,  I told y'all about a few weeks ago. FUN FUN!!!

Tonight, I'm setting up a cereal bar for dessert!!! 

We LOVE these fun & colorful bowls from Ikea. They are THE official cereal bowls at our house! 

We SO love this recipe from Erica's Sweettooth for cereal cupcakes!!!

I am SWOONING over this Cerealsly Cute Birthday Party from We Heart Parties!!!

Studio DIY's Cereal Bowl Cake is beyond AWESOME!!!!!

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