Jay-Z is the Richest Rapper, Plus a Jay and Beyoncé’s Joint Album?



“Forbes” has named Jay-Z the wealthiest artist in hip-hop for 2018…with a fortune of $900 million. Diddy usually tops this list, but he dropped to #2 this year, with a measly $825 million.

DR. Dre is third with $770 million…and Drake and Eminem are tied for fourth with $100 million each.  (Forbes)

Speaking of Jay, here we go again:  There’s a new rumor that he and Beyoncé are readying a joint album and tour.  An Italian newspaper claims they’re going to announce it next week.

Jay has admitted that they were working on an album together a while back, but her “Lemonade” stuff was further along, so that album came out instead.  But he said, “We still have a lot of that music.”  (Us Weekly)

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