EBuzz Bites From Chris Hemsworth’s Wife, Viola Davis & MORE



AARON RODGERS gave DANICA PATRICK a kiss before yesterday’s Daytona 500, which was her final race.  Unfortunately, it brought her no luck.  She was involved in a crash and knocked out of the race.

London has a thing called “Modest” Fashion Week, where they show off the latest trends in hijabs, long hemlines, and such and LINDSAY LOHAN showed up in a hijab of her own.

ELSA  may be from Spain, but she’s adjusting to life in Australia with CHRIS HEMSWORTH just fine.  She doesn’t even freak when she finds a snake in the bathroom.  She HANDLES it.  Of course, she was also in “Snakes on a Plane”, so she’s got THAT experience under her belt.

Sources say BRAD PITT is sad about JENNIFER ANISTON’s divorce, but has no plans yet to reach out to her.  (Full Story)

I don’t think you can get any cooler than this:  Three generations of Shaft:  Richard Roundtree from the 1971 original and its two sequels, Samuel L. Jackson from the 2000 remake, and Jessie T. Usher from the upcoming reboot. Sam’s Shaft is Richard Roundtree’s nephew, and Jessie is playing Sam’s son in the new one.

DENNIS RODMAN has passed the 30-days sober mark.  (Full Story)

EMMA WATSON donated $1.4 million to a women’s justice fund.  (Full Story)

The “Fifty Shades” film franchise has now generated about half a billion in profits.  (Full Story)

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” won Best Film at the BAFTAs, which are Britain’s answer to the Oscars.  (Full Story)

VIOLA DAVIS says that if people want to call her the black MERYL STREEP, they should pay her what she’s worth.  (Full Story)

And now, there’s a “Tomb Raider” Barbie.  (Full Story)

It seems like this should have happened a lot sooner:  MR. ROGERS is getting his own postage stamp.  (Full Story)

TOM BRADY just became the only player from the 2000 draft who’s still with the team that drafted him.  (Full Story)

So now, maybe PRESIDENT TRUMP had an affair with a “Playboy” Playmate, too?  (Full Story)

REBECCA GAYHEART and ERIC DANE are getting divorced after 14 years of marriage.  (Full Story)

It looks like Leslie Jones, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are enjoying their time at the Olympics.

 HARRY CONNICK JR.’s daytime show has been canceled.  He’ll finish out Season 2, which ends in September.  (Full Story)

JOEL MCHALE says he knew “The Soup” had to come to an end when E! told them to quit making fun of the KARDASHIANS.  (Full Story)

JOSH GROBAN and IDINA MENZEL are going on tour together.  (Full Story)

An exhibit of JUSTIN BIEBER memorabilia has opened in his hometown in Ontario, Canada.  (Full Story)

LUCY DAVIS from “Wonder Woman” has joined the cast of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”  (Full Story)

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