Sharing ALL the LOVEY LOVE On Valentines Day!

Every year my Mom friends and I throw our daughters a BIG Valentines party!!! We want them to swoon over their romantic relationships someday BUT we also want them to know that loving your friends is just as important,

Here's a little rundown of our party plans!!!

Crafts!!! We pile tons of glitter and ribbons and stickers on a table and have a blast. It's a great way to get everyone creating AND chatting!!! 

Pinterest has a TON of craft ideas!!!


I have a friend who always brings THE best popcorn flavors. CRAVE in Plano, is our FAVORITE popcorn store!!!!

Last year I brought ice cream from homemade ice cream from Henry's in Plano and it was gobbled up quickly. He has TONS of flavors that will blow your mind AND he make Girl Scout Cookie ice creams too. SWOON!!!

Everyone LOVES these potato skins!!! I use the mini fingerling potatoes to make them bite-sized! DELISH!!!!

We love to teach our girls about giving back to the community. This year we collected jeans and decided to have each girl build a full outfit of clothing. Thankfully our girl's arent very rough on their clothes so lots of like new outfits were donated!  They had a BLAST imagining who the outfit would go to. 

Have a FABULOUS & blessed Valentines! XO

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