How To Avoid The Flu

January 1st my germ phobia stepped up 3 notches when a co-worker passed me in the hall and said, "I might have the flu, but I don't have anyone to cover for me."  EEK!!!!! From that point on I can literally feel the layer of bleach that is covering my desk & chair & doors. Bleach wipes are my friend! 

As we call to battle to avoid the flu, NBC 5 has posted ideas on the most germ-covered spots in our offices.

If you are into essential oils, my friend who has triplets (that go to pre-school, eek!)  swears by the effectiveness of the essential oil "Flu Bomb"

My friend Stacie just got her family all healed up after the flu and she was raving over Lysol's Max Cover. (she discovered it after her house was hit) She said it smells great and her whole house is now germ-free. 

The CDC has lots of tips to help you avoid the flu. I've purchased LOTS of fun handsoaps to encourage my girls to wash those hands! 

Stay healthy! 

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