EBuzz Bites From Demi Lovato, The Chainsmokers & Imagine Dragons


DEMI LOVATO takes the mental well-being of her fans seriously:  A ticket to her upcoming tour includes access to free therapy sessions.  (Full Story)

ALEX PALL of the CHAINSMOKERS fessed up to cheating on his girlfriend, and says he’s MISERABLE, and she deserves better.  (Full Story)

DAN REYNOLDS of IMAGINE DRAGONS will appear in an anti-tobacco ad during the “Grammys”.  (Full Story)

YouTuber Logan Paul donated $1 million to suicide prevention organizations.  He’s the guy who got in trouble for filming himself with a suicide victim in a Japanese forest.  (Full Story)

CHIPPER JONES, VLADIMIR GUERRERO, JIM THOME and TREVOR HOFFMAN were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  (Full Story)

 It looks like “The Shape of Water” got the biggest Oscar bump at the box office.  (Full Story)

Does VIGGO MORTENSEN really know SIX other languages besides English, or does he just learn enough to get by?

WILL FERRELL hosts “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, so LESLIE JONES recreated some of his classic characters . . . including “Gene Frenkle” from BLUE OYSTER CULT.

TROYE SIVAN and his boyfriend were spotted taking a walk in New York City.

DRAKE released his new single “God’s Plan” on Friday, and it’s already broken a few records.  It overtook TAYLOR SWIFT’s “Look What You Made Me Do” as the most-streamed track in a single day on Spotify.  It also took the single-day record on Apple Music.  (Billboard)

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