EBuzz Bites From Kendrick Lamar, Pink & Chris Hemsworth



‘Championship Tour.’  It kicks off May 4th in Vancouver.  (Check out all the dates, here.)

When SOPHIE TURNER marries JOE JONAS, her “Game of Thrones” co-star MAISIE WILLIAMS will be one of her bridesmaids.  (Full Story)

MARK WAHLBERG and JOSH DUHAMEL are both denying steroid use.  (Full Story)

PINK is psyched that her Eagles are in the Super Bowl, and she’s singing the National Anthem.  (Full Story)

PricewaterhouseCoopers has tightened the envelope procedures for this year’s Oscars, so nobody screws anything up this year.  (Full Story)

DANNY MCBRIDE has released some teasers for “Dundee,” a movie where he supposedly plays the son of Crocodile Dundee.  CHRIS HEMSWORTH co-stars.  Sadly, nobody seems to believe it’s real.  (Check out the teasers here and here.)


 Here’s the shocker of the day:  KIM KARDASHIAN says she’s totally self-absorbed.  (Full Story)

Porn Star STORMY DANIELS, who has been rumored of sleeping with POTUS, had her Instagram account shut down, and she doesn’t know why.  (Full Story)

MEGYN KELLY went after JANE FONDA yesterday… and Twitter wasn’t having it.  ROSIE O’DONNELL took a shot at Megyn, too.  (Full Story)

People are having fun with that picture of PRESIDENT TRUMP supposedly working at his desk over the weekend.

CONNIE SAWYER, Hollywood’s oldest living actress, has died at 105.  (Full Story)

SHAKIRA might be having some tax issues in Spain.  (Full Story)

CAMILA CABELLO has her first #1 hit with “Havana”.  (Full Story)

BILLY JOEL will play a record 100th show at Madison Square Garden.  (Full Story)

Back in August, LANE JOHNSON of the Philadelphia Eagles said that if his team wins a Super Bowl, he’s giving all their fans a beer.  So Bud Light has something in the works to help him make that happen.  IF they win, of course.  (Full Story)

KID ROCK donated money he earned from his fake Senate campaign merchandise to a voter registration group.  (Full Story)

Minnie Mouse just got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday…40 FREAKIN’ YEARS after Mickey got his.  KATY PERRY and HEIDI KLUM were there.  Katy even spoke at the ceremony.

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