Are You Ready To POP Into Friday????

Tomorrow is National Popcorn Day!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Popcorn and the fact that we have a national day to celebrate it makes me grin BIG!!!!!

Try these DELISH flavored popcorn recipes from The Food Network! The Frito Pie Popcorn is SWOON-WORTHY & Truffle Popcorn will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!

Celebrate your Friday with a Popcorn Bar!!!

Make popcorn balls with your kiddos! FUN!!!!

Remember Jiffy Pop from back in the day?? If you haven't made this with you kids yet, its a must do. Its SOOOOOO fun to watch the foil puff up and hear the kernels popping!

We've been to LOTS of popcorn stores and love them all but Crave Popcorn in Plano is our all-time FAVORITE!!!! Not only is their corn DELISH and the store cozy but the customer service is TOP NOTCH!!! 

Happy crunching, y'all!!!!

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