These Are A Few Of My Favorite WINTER Swoons!!

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Brrrrr, this super cold weather calls for snuggling up under a blanket and never leaving the house! We must, however, head out for new adventures which is why I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that make the chilly weather much more fun!

I am SWOONING hard for this fabulous heavyweight, cotton sweatshirt I found in the men's section at Target! Its SOOOOOO warm and comfy and I love the cozy oversized fit! 

My hands are BEYOND can carve your initials in my skin. EEK!!! A friend recommended O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream and it is FABULOUS! There is no greasy feel, so I can put it on several times while I'm working!  Yes, they make a foot cream and Yes, I'll be trying that one next!

How in the world did I ever function without  In Shower Body Lotion?? You don't have to stand outside the shower freezing your booty off to get soft skin. You put it on IN the shower and rinse. It leaves my skin silky smooth. I LOVE IT!!! 

What are your fav winter swoons?? Stay warm!!

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