EBuzz Bites: A “Stranger Things” Senior Photo Bomb & More



KATIE COURIC says MATT LAUER’s sexual harassment scandal has been, “very painful” for her.  (People)

MARK WAHLBERG is making up for that $1.5 million he made for the “All the Money in the World” reshoots and then some.  He and his agency are donating $2 million to the Time’s Up Fund.  But only because he GOT CAUGHT.  (Full Story)

SEAL says he did NOT mean to attack OPRAH with his post about Hollywood being hypocritical over the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  (Full Story)

LESLIE ODOM JR. from “Hamilton” will sing “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl.  (Full Story)

Warner Brothers has allowed the release of a “Harry Potter” fan film about the origins of Lord Voldemort . . . on the condition that the creators don’t make any money off it.  You can now watch it on YouTube.  (Full Story)

There’s a “John Wick” spin-off series in the works at Starz, and KEANU REEVES is expected to make an appearance at some point.  (Full Story)

A former “Price is Right” model says DREW CAREY was awesome to work with because he, “celebrates women and uplifts them.”  (Full Story)

Watch “Stranger Things” star FINN WOLFHARD and his band cover the VELVET UNDERGROUND.  (Full Story)

White House Press Secretary SARAH SANDERS complained that her 2-year-old son ordered an $80 Batman toy, just by shouting “Batman” over and over again into their Amazon Echo.

DENNIS RODMAN got a DUI in Newport Beach on Saturday.  His rep says he hopes to convince Dennis to go back to rehab.  (Full Story)

OFFSET recently got a tattoo of his fiancée CARDI B on his NECK, which is something he’ll surely never regret.  Check it out in this video.

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