Lindsay Lohan is Designing Her Own Island in Dubai



Lindsay Lohan is back in the U.S. At least for now. But she can’t stay for long, because she’s got several projects going around the world…including HER OWN ISLAND.

On “The Wendy Williams Show” today, Lindsay says, “I’m discussing designing an island in Dubai.”

She also has a club called Lohan in Athens, Greece, and she’s opening another one in Mykonos. She’s also filming a British sitcom called “Sick Note” and starting a lipstick line. Then she can get to work on what she called “Lohan Island.”

She says, “I’m, like, out-Trumping Trump with the name ‘Lohan.'”

Possibly the most interesting thing about the interview, though, is the fact that Lindsay’s weird accent is GONE. At least for now. 

Check out a clip here.

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