Update: Davi’s New Bad Habit Just Brought A Ghost In Studio


Davi realized she has basically consumed alcohol every day since the election, so she and her husband decided to stop drinking for January. Just a quick dry month to reset, to help her sleep better, you know – health is wealth and all that.

So…because she’s not drinking, she picked up another bad habit: ordering random stuff online. off eBay. And she ordered something that she KNOWS Cassie won’t like, that her husband doesn’t want in the house…so she bought it in studio because apparently, it’s “anxiety-reducing.”


We’re SURE a HAUNTED DOLL with one leg and a ten-year-old girl ghost attached to it will be WAY anxiety-inducing.


Lillian caused a few problems yesterday…and she ended up meeting her untimely demise for the SECOND time.

Click here to listen. 

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