EBuzz Bites: Another Hollywood Baby + More



HUGH GRANT and his girlfriend are expecting their third child.  (Full Story)

Queen, Tina Turner, Neil Diamond, and Emmylou Harris will receive lifetime achievement Grammys this year.  (Full Story)

It sounds like RICKY MARTIN and his boyfriend are planning a huge wedding.  (Full Story)

After getting a DUI this weekend, BAM MARGERA is going to rehab.  (Full Story)

JIMMY FALLON’s guests for the post-Super Bowl “Tonight Show” will be THE ROCK, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and the cast of “This Is Us.”  (Full Story)

CHESTER BENNINGTON’s widow is asking fans to stop leaving things at the house where he killed himself, because they don’t live there anymore, and it’s bothering the current tenants.  (Full Story)

PAMELA ANDERSON reminds you not to take Uber or Lyft alone, because your driver could be EVIL.  (Full Story)

On “Ellen” yesterday, TOM HANKS and MERYL STREEP did impressions of each other’s movie characters.  (Full Story)

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