EBuzz Bites: An Engagement, Praise For Rocking Acne

Airbnb Open LA - Day 3



It’s official:  GWYNETH PALTROW is engaged.  (Full Story)


Alleged exes DRAKE and ZOE KRAVITZ put in a little cuddle time at a “Golden Globes” after party.

Meanwhile, Zoe’s dad LENNY KRAVITZ is dating a Brazilian model who’s about Zoe’s age.


 CHRIS HEMSWORTH and his wife ELSA PATAKI have to find a new place to hide candy from their 3-year-old son.


 KENDALL JENNER hit up the “Golden Globes,” acne and all, and someone praised her on Twitter for rocking it.  She replied, “Never let that [stuff] stop you!”

­ ED SHEERAN and BEYONCÉ’S “Perfect” still tops the Hot 100.  (Full Story)

MICHELLE WILLIAMS has a new boyfriend, but she’s NOT engaged.  (Full Story)

“Home Alone” dad JOHN HEARD had several drugs in his system when he died last year.  He had just undergone back surgery.  (Full Story)

MITT ROMNEY was treated for prostate cancer over the summer, but his prognosis is good.  (Full Story)

Disney is being accused of tanning white people to use them as extras in the live-action “Aladdin” movie.  (Full Story)

EWAN MCGREGOR says he’d be happy to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again.  (Full Story)

ROSEANNE explains why her character supports PRESIDENT TRUMP in the new season of “Roseanne.”  (Full Story)

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