Get Gross With The Kids & A Date Night Idea, Too

Scientology Perot Museum Dallas

Now there 2018 is here there at TONS of new fun ways to bond with your family & your honey! 

JOURNEY TO SPACE is going on at The Perot Museum until May!  Its a hands on adventure for all ages that takes guests as close to space as one can get from Earth. GREATNESS!!!!

They are also hosting a GROSSOLOGY SLEEPOVER on February 17th where the family can spend the evening "eploring the ickier side of science."  They'll have lime, bugs, boogers, poop and the science of all things gross. Cost is $45 per child and $30 per adult chaperone.

DATE NIGHT AT THE PEROT MUSEUM!!! SOCIAL SCIENCE : EXPERIMENTAL,  January 26th. Learn something new while you bond with your sweetie!! Adults 21 and up can play in Frankenstein’s lab, explore invisibility cloaking, experiment with worms, uncover hidden messages and more at Social Science: Experimental. They'll have adult beverages and food by Wolfgang Puck! 

Get all the deets here!

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