Get Ready To Get Your Cuddle Up On!!!!

Saturday is National Cuddle Up Day!!!! This was brand spanking news to me,  BUT anytime we can officially or unofficially celebrate cuddling, I'm in!!!

I'm giving you a smidge of early notice so you can plan ahead and be ready!!!! 

I'm a checklist girl so I threw together a little idea of how to make our first Cuddle Up Day a blast!!!!

 1. Make the announcement or send the invitation!  SATURDAY IS CUDDLE UP DAY!!! 

2. Make a crockpot of soup! Heidi at Foodiecrush has some mouthwatering ideas!

3. Get out the hot cocoa toppings! I LOVE these ideas from Momresource! We make our hot chocolate in the easy and it stays warm all day! 

4. Grab all the comfy pillows & blankets from your house and pile them on the couch! 

5. Ask everyone to choose a movie they want to share with the family! 

Have fun! National Cuddle Up Day is even healthy too! 

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