We Have ALL Been This College Kid On Her Day From Hell

We have ALL been Ann.

Ann is a UT Austin student who showed up to an exam without a blue book (which you HAVE to have for a lot of College Finals). She got her Blue Book, then when she came back and sat down, she realized she was in the wrong place.

Then she went to the right place…but it was the wrong one, AGAIN.

Then she had SIXTY SECONDS to spring across campus to the RIGHT place.

We all know this story, right?

The frantic feeling when you realize you showed up somewhere without the right materials.

The panic that sets in when you realize you’re in the wrong place.

The despair when you realize you’re in the wrong place AGAIN.

The heart-pounding when you realize time is running out and you’re on the clock for something MAJOR.

Oh, Ann.

We have all been you.

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