Munchies & Wine Go Together Like Spaghetti & Syrup!

Tis the season to invite friends over for fun!!! Every December, my girls and I host a Christmas party to collect coats for Network Ministries.  The friends, the food the fun. We LOVE it! Now, I an not a wine drinker but most of my friends are so I want to make sure that their wine treats compliments the munchies we are serving. 

Click here for wine & cookie pairing ideas!

Cheese and wine go together like spaghetti & maple syrup. Click here for the perfect pairings!

Full disclosure, we are serving Chick Fil A nuggets at our party this weekend. They are easy, everyone LOVES them and it leaves me more time to bond! Click here to see which wines pair best with friend chicken. Sometimes we go the pizza route too. Best wines to pair with pizza!

Of course, we will have a veggie tray too. Which wines to serve with vegetables!

Cheers to you and yours. Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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