EBuzz Bites: A Celeb Baby + Stories From Ed Sheeran, Eminem, The Rock & Mor




KRISTEN DUNST and JESSE PLEMONS are expecting their first child.  (Full Story)

 FINN WOLFHARD from “Stranger Things” and “It” will star in “The Turning”, a new adaption of the classic horror story “The Turn of the Screw.”  (Full Story)

SOPHIE TURNER talks about the “incredibly emotional” ending of “Game of Thrones”.  (Full Story)

ED SHEERAN is celebrating two years since he ditched his cell phone.  (Full Story)

Rare vinyl copies of PRINCE’s “Black Album” are being sold for $15,000.  (Full Story)

SIA performed “Snowman” on “Ellen” yesterday.  (Full Story)

51-year-old HALLE BERRY was dating a 35-year-old music producer named Alex Da Kid.  She’s not anymore.  (Full Story)

EMINEM’s new album “Revival” comes out tomorrow, but it leaked online yesterday.  Naturally, his label is working to get the links taken down, but of course, once it’s online, it’s impossible to completely shut down.

QUAVO hooked his former high school basketball team up with new LeBron James sneakers.  They were pretty surprised. Quavo had showed up at one of their recent practices in a white Lamborghini  and greeted each player on the court before leading them to the locker room to give them their custom LeBron 15s.  The school is Berkmar High School in Georgia.

ANDREW GARFIELD isn’t against the ingestion of hallucinogens…under the right circumstances.  (Full Story)

THE ROCK got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday.  (Full Story)

If you have $1,000 lying around, you can get someone on your Christmas list a voice message from WHOOPI GOLDBERG, or a video message from JONAH HILL.

AARON CARTER has had a rough year, but he’s looking and feeling better.

SELENA GOMEZ wished TAYLOR SWIFT a happy birthday on Instagram.

Nominees for the Screen Actors Guild awards were announced yesterday.  (Full Story)

OPRAH will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the “Golden Globes.”  (Full Story)

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