At 54, John Stamos Is Gonna Be A Dad For The First Time!


It should not have taken this long, but John Stamos is finally passing his perfect genetic makeup on to a new generation.  John’s 31-year-old fiancée Caitlin McHugh is pregnant.  John is 54.

John says, “We have the same morals and the same values, that all clicked nicely.  So we said, ‘Oh, well, maybe we should have a family.'”

It actually happened before they got engaged in October.  Caitlin suggested they do it before they get married, “Because you’re old.”

If you’re wondering what kind of father John Stamos will be, well, not surprisingly, it sounds like he’ll be a classic goofy sitcom dad.

He says, “I’ve been practicing for a long time.  I’ve done every schtick you can do with a baby on TV…all the bits and jokes and diaper gags.  I’ll probably just do all that stuff.” 

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