EBuzz Bites: Prince Harry’s Best Man, Chris Pratt & Anna Faris’ Divorce + M



PRINCE WILLIAM will reportedly be HARRY’s best man.  (Full Story)

It sounds like CHRIS PRATT and ANNA FARIS will have a very civil, uncomplicated divorce.  (Full Story)

ELTON JOHN’s mother Sheila passed away.  (Full Story)

Here’s the shortlist for “Time” magazine’s Person of the Year.  The big announcement is tomorrow.  (Full Story)

COLIN KAEPERNICK was honored by the ACLU.  (Full Story)

 Director BRYAN SINGER has been fired from the QUEEN movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  They say he was exhibiting troubling behavior on-set, including clashes with star RAMI MALEK.  But Singer says he was punished for taking time off to tend to an ailing parent.  (Full Story)

JIMMY KIMMEL’s son had a successful heart surgery, so his show will have guest hosts all week.  (Full Story)

An experimental “Christmas album” PAUL MCCARTNEY made for his bandmates in 1965 has found its way to YouTube.  (Full Story)

Discovery just paid $70 million to be the majority stakeholder in OPRAH’s OWN.  (Full Story)

ALEC BALDWIN might get his own talk show on ABC.  (Full Story)

The showrunner for “The Exorcist” says he doesn’t care if people are upset over two male characters kissing.  (Full Story)

Production on the spy movie “The Rhythm Section” was temporarily shut down, after BLAKE LIVELY injured her hand.  (Full Story)

KATHARINE MCPHEE accidentally crashed a wedding, then got mad when the bride kicked her out.  (Full Story)

A Netflix executive told a woman that he didn’t believe the rape allegations against DANNY MASTERSON.  What he didn’t know was that he was talking to one of Danny’s alleged victims.  It sounds crazy, but Netflix actually confirmed that this happened.  Danny stars in the Netflix series “The Ranch” with Ashton Kutcher.  (Full Story)

A charity video ED SHEERAN did in Liberia has been nominated as one of the most offensive charity campaigns of the year.  (Full Story)

­It’s hard to believe KIM KARDASHIAN’s daughter North is so grown up.  She’s 4 already.

­  Before a gig in Houston on Sunday, LADY GAGA got her hands dirty, helping out with the hurricane relief effort.


BILLY BUSH talked about PRESIDENT TRUMP and the “Access Hollywood” tape on “Colbert” last night.  (Full Story)

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