EBuzz Bites: Drake Collides With “Stranger Things” + Stories From Mila Kuni

Nothing’s official yet, but there’s word that “People” magazine has chosen BLAKE SHELTON as this year’s Sexiest Man Alive.  (Full Story)

MEGAN FOX says she doesn’t know if she and BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN are done having kids, since none of their previous kids were planned.  (Full Story)

DRAKE met MILLIE BOBBY BROWN from “Stranger Things” in Australia.

Some conservatives tried to start a boycott of Jim Beam, after MILA KUNIS said she makes donations to Planned Parenthood in the name of Vice President MIKE PENCE.  Mila does TV commercials for Jim Beam’s “Devil’s Cut.”  (Full Story)

With all the horrible things that are coming out about celebrities, people are now sharing POSITIVE stories about them on Twitter.  (Full Story)

GARY OLDMAN got married for the fifth time.  (Full Story)

HBO might start working on a “Deadwood” movie next fall.  (Full Story)

O.J. SIMPSON says he didn’t do anything wrong to get kicked out of that Las Vegas hotel.  (Full Story)

Legendary gossip columnist LIZ SMITH has died at the age of 94.  (Full Story)

PRESIDENT TRUMP and KIM JONG-UN are Twitter-fighting again.  (Full Story)

 ZAYN MALIK and GIGI HADID are celebrating two years together.

HELEN MIRREN says she’d love to play Trump.  (Full Story)

CRISTIANO RONALDO welcomed his new daughter into the world.

TAYLOR SWIFT’s face is EVERYWHERE these days, even on the side of a race car.

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