Christmas Shopping For The Kiddos Is Coming

I've been working on my Christmas checklist and LOVE all the gift ideas posted on the internet. Where do YOU love to shop for your kiddos??

Last year I gave my girls a subscription to Kidstir (for my 8-year-old)  & Raddish Kids (for my 11-year-old) and it was a HUGE homerun. Each month they have received a box packed full of recipes and cooking tools. They LOVED it!

I think I will try Kiwi Co this year. Monthly projects are mailed to the house. They LOVE projects like this! Has anyone tried this before? I would love your feedback and to hear about the monthly goodies you have had mailed to your kiddos!

Women's Day has a FABULOUS list of gift ideas for kids

Lauren uses the 4 gifts rule to stay within her budget.

If you are into experience gifts for your kids my 11 year old LOVED IFly Indoor Skydiving

Your little one might enjoy a season pass to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park. My 8-year-old LOVES this place! 

Share the love! I would love to hear what your kiddos will find under the Christmas tree this year!

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