Enjoy This $150 Cocktail At A New Dallas Bar

If you're truly crazy insane rich....uh....into luxurious things, there's a new bar in Dallas' Trinity Groves serving something right up your alley. 

A $150 cocktail. 

Yes. One drink. $150. 

Head on over to the Network Bar (if you're lucky or rich enough to get in) and order up a round of Golden Dawns. Heck...grab one to go. At that price who needs laws??

My friend Tiney described it in Guidelive:

"Bartender James Slater designed the beverage, a mix of high-end Gran Patrón Burdeos tequila, French aperitif, blood orange liqueur and absinthe. The tequila is what allegedly warrants the price tag -- Gran Patrón Burdeos can fetch $369.99 to $455.99 per bottle at retail stores. And then there are the gold flakes. Those have to be worth something."

She has a sense of humor, that Tiney. Check out her cute self enjoying the cocktail below. 

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