What Your Halloween Costume Says About You


 A survey asked people about different Halloween costumes, and what they think each one SAYS about the person who’s wearing it.

Here are six costumes and what people THINK they say about you:

1.  A superhero.  42% of people think it means you’re athletic.

2.  A pop culture-inspired costume.  44% of people said you’re probably a really GOOD TIME.  23% of people said a SCARY costume like a zombie or a mummy is also a sign you’re a partier.

3.  A historical figure.  24% of people said it means you’re a bookworm.

4.  If you made your costume yourself, 20% of people think it means you’re the “therapist type” who listens to their friends’ problems and gives out advice.

5.  If you’re wearing a political costume, 61% of people say it’s a sign that you’re a big sports fan.

6.  If you’re dressing as a cop, firefighter, doctor, or nurse, 19% of people think you’re probably the SERIOUS one in your group of friends.




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