What Cha Got Cooking???

You can probably tell I am OBSESSED with Halloween and all the fun surrounding it. This weekend is the perfect time to pop into the kitchen and whip up some Halloween goodies to make all your little ghouls grin!

I am SWOONING over these Candy Corn White Chocolate Chip Cookies from Plain Chicken!! Don't miss her Spider Hot Dogs and more! 

We must all have One Little Projects Rice Krispy Pumpkins in our lives!! The kiddos will LOVE making her Rice Krispy Monsters too!

Roth's Halloween Cheese Board is THE perfect munchie for Halloween night!

Carve those pumpkins and make Home Cooking Memories Perfect Pumpkin Seeds!!!! YUM

Dietz & Watsons Mummy Dogs are SOOOOOO fun!!!!

Mini Spider Pizzas, Nutter Butter Boo's, Caramel Corn Snack Mix! Oh, my! Women's Day has TONS of cute snack ideas! I just love saying Nutter Butter Boos!!!!

Have fun! Take lots of photos!!! Enjoy!!!!

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