EBuzz Bites From Jessica Alba, Emma Stone + A David S. Pumpkins Teaser

“People” magazine says KHLOE KARDASHIAN and TRISTAN THOMPSON are having a boy.  (Full Story)

JESSICA ALBA announced in an Instagram video that she’s having a boy.  (Full Story)

EMMA STONE is dating a writer and director from “Saturday Night Live.”  (Full Story)

JOHN STAMOS fully intends to impregnate his fiancée.  (Full Story)

IGGY AZALEA is reportedly dating injured New York Giants receiver ODELL BECKHAM JR.  (Full Story)

SEAN HAYES was supposed to be on “Ellen” two weeks ago, but he canceled.  On the show yesterday, he explained that he had to skip it because his small intestine burst.  (Full Story)

BILL COSBY is trying to get a $30 million loan to pay his legal bills.  (Full Story)

GEORGE CLOONEY donated $1 million to help fight corruption in Africa.  (Full Story)

KATHY GRIFFIN called her former BFF ANDERSON COOPER a “spineless heiress.”  (Full Story)

QUAVO is hinting at a collaboration with LIL YACHTY and CHILDISH GAMBINO.  He posted a brief video of them in the studio . . . but there’s no sound.  It’s unclear if they’re working on a standalone single, or something for one of their upcoming albums.

CAM NEWTON walked out of a press conference after getting a question he didn’t like.  (Full Story)

“Game of Thrones” author GEORGE R.R. MARTIN wrote a piece on the “unending torment” of being a New York Jets fan.  (Full Story)

 The Disney Channel will have its first gay storyline, on the teen series “Andi Mack.”  (Full Story)

Check out a new promo for “The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special.”  (Full Story)

METALLICA, the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, and G-EAZY are among the acts on the bill for Band Together Bay Area, November 9th show at AT&T Park in San Francisco to benefit victims of the California wildfires.  (Full Story)

FRANZ FERDINAND released a new single called “Always Ascending.”  It’s the title track off their new album, which is coming out February 9th.  (Full Story)

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