Countdown to the SWEET!!!!!

Halloween is almost here and as our kiddos dream of truckloads of sweet treats, I'm focusing on all the fun we can have with CANDY!!!!

Why not dress up like your fav sweet treat?? Pinterest has tons of fun DIY ideas!

Wellness Mama has come candy alternatives for your trick or treaters! 

We LOVE to cook together at my house and since the pre-Halloween party candy is already piling up we are going to whip up some of these fun recipes from Taste of Home for your leftover candy

If you are trying to fit into one of those tiny pieces of fabric they call costumes. You might want to step away from your coworker's bowl of  "fun" sized candy bars. Those calories really add up. EEK!!!!

If you are hosting an adult Halloween get together these candy inspired drinks from will make your friends grin!

Halloween candy milkshakes anyone??? Check out the YUM from

Have a SWEET pre-Halloween week!!!! Don't forget to brush and floss! ;) 

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