EBuzz Bits Chelsea Handler Quits Show To Do Activism + More

Getty Images Portrait Studio Hosted By Eddie Bauer At Village At The Lift


                EBuzz Bits Chelsea Handler Quits Show To Do Activism + More - The Bert Show                                                                              

Even though she was claiming to be sober, DEMI LOVATO admits that she was still doing coke in 2012.  (Full Story)

Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast MCKAYLA MARONEY says she was abused for years by the team’s doctor, beginning when she was 13. It’s not hard to believe her story.  That doctor is currently facing almost three dozen charges of sexual misconduct, and recently pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.

Did BEN AFFLECK get an emotional support dog?

CHELSEA HANDLER is ending her Netflix show to concentrate on political activism.  (Full Story)



SHAILENE WOODLEY might be dating a rugby player from Fiji.  (Full Story)

Several celebrities made a PSA for the “Reject the NRA” campaign . . . where you send a text and it connects you to your congressman, so you can tell him or her you’re against certain NRA-supported gun laws.  (Full Story)

WU-TANG rapper RZA confirmed a rumor from last year that RUSSELL CROWE spat on AZEALIA BANKS.  (Full Story)

ALICIA SILVERSTONE, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, and ANGELINA JOLIE all auditioned for the 1994 movie “The Craft.”  (Full Story)

VANESSA HUDGENS is joining JENNIFER LOPEZ and LEAH REMINI in the romantic comedy “Second Act.”  (Full Story)

MORGAN FREEMAN will star in a movie about COLIN POWELL.  (Full Story)

ALEC BALDWIN’s wife HILARIA wants to have a FOURTH kid with him.  (Full Story)

CHIP and JOANNA GAINES from “Fixer Upper” are dispelling a bunch of rumors about themselves and their marriage…and they say they’re not ruling out a return to TV.  (Full Story)

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