Alyssa Milano Starts #MeToo Sexual Assault Hashtag That Goes Viral + More H



On Sunday, ALYSSA MILANO started the hashtag “MeToo”, as a way for people to identify themselves as victims of sexual harassment or assault.  And in 24 hours, it had been Tweeted almost 500,000 times.

LAUREN HOLLY has added her name to the long list of women who’ve been harassed by Harvey. Speaking of Harvey, it looks like he’s getting booted from the Producers Guild. And WOODY ALLEN wants to clarify that when he said he felt “sad” for Harvey Weinstein, he meant that Harvey is, “a sad, sick man.”

Director LARS VON TRIER says he did not sexually harass BJORK.  He’s the guy who directed the “Nymphomaniac” movies.

MARTHA STEWART says she was sexually harassed when she was working as a model at 16.

AMERICA FERRERA says she was assaulted when she was only 9.

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