EBuzz Bites From Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, George Clooney + More


 JENNIFER LOPEZ has family in Puerto Rico she still can’t get a hold of.  (Full Story)

In a new interview, GEORGE CLOONEY didn’t exactly have the nicest things to say about how HILLARY CLINTON ran her campaign.  (Full Story)

ED SHEERAN announced some tour dates for 2018.  (Full Story)

NIKKI REED is fighting back against critics who say she didn’t consent to her pregnancy . . . just because of a comment she made about IAN SOMERHALDER throwing away her birth control pills.  (Full Story)

GARY OLDMAN got married for the FIFTH time.  (Full Story)

What if QUENTIN TARANTINO had an engagement party and a bunch of stars from his movies showed up?  (Full Story)

ELLEN DEGENERES inserted herself into TAYLOR SWIFT’s Look What You Made Me Do video.

BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG isn’t a fan of PRESIDENT TRUMP, or the current state of the Democratic Party.  (Full Story)

The DAVE MATTHEWS BAND hosted that concert for Charlottesville yesterday.  (Full Story)

BENICIO DEL TORO is urging fans to help Puerto Rico.  (Full Story)

IJODIE SWEETIN has never seen a full episode of “Full House.”  (Full Story)

JARED KUSHNER used a private email to conduct White House business.  (Full Story)

DENZEL WASHINGTON took the caps off his teeth for his latest movie.  (Full Story)

Someone made a mural of KURT COBAIN that looks exactly like DAVID SPADE.  But it was intentional.  The artist was just copying a popular meme.

A guy who was busted for meth looks a lot like RYAN SEACREST.

ANTHONY BOURDAIN and his girlfriend ASIA ARGENTO are both pretty ripped.

PARIS JACKSON can smoke a cigarette with her foot?

Check out JADEN SMITH’s green hair.

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