The Woman In the Kevin Hart Scandel Says Shes A Victim, Too



The woman who appears with Kevin Hart in that incriminating video held a press conference yesterday, saying she’s a victim, too, because she was filmed without her knowledge or consent.

Her name is Montia Sabbag, and she admitted to enjoying some adult activities with Kevin about a month ago,  but she claims she had nothing to do with the video or the attempt to shake him down.

She said, “I’m not an extortionist, I’m not a stripper.  I’m a recording artist and an actress and I’ve not broken any laws.  I had nothing to do with these recordings…I am truly sorry for any involvement I had in this.”

Montia’s attorney said they’re not seeking any money from Kevin, or making any claims against him.  Instead, they want him to help bring whoever’s behind this to justice. 

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