EBuzz Bites From Rihanna, Kevin Hart, And Leonardo DiCaprio

TIONNE ‘T-BOZ’ WATKINS says she wants to keep LISA LOPES’ memory alive, for TLC and the fans.  Quote, “I want to celebrate her life…Iwant to feel like we built something great together and keep that going for her.  And that was my promise to her.”

RACHEL BILSON and HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN have broken up after almost 10 years together.  (Full Story)

What sex tape extortion scandal?  KEVIN HART and his pregnant wife went out to lunch together yesterday. Meanwhile, the woman at the heart of the scandal has a lawyer, and she’s holding a press conference today.

 Albino women love RIHANNA’s new makeup line, because it has colors that match their skin tones.  (Full Story)

LEONARDO DICAPRIO’s foundation is donating $20 million to combat climate change.  (Full Story)

RYAN PHILLIPPE’s lawyer released a statement yesterday denying allegations that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend.  (Full Story)

AARON PAUL and his wife are expecting their first child.  (Full Story)

OLIVIA MUNN says her cameo in “Ocean’s Eight” actually COST her money, because she had to pay for her own wardrobe.  (Full Story)

MARIAH CAREY is being sued for allegedly stiffing a choir she hired for her Christmas concerts last year.  (Full Story)

BRITNEY SPEARS showed off her mad gymnastics skills.

And now, for no reason, a collection of TAYLOR SWIFT’s surprised faces.

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