Cheesy Cheesy Pleasy!!

Happy Wednesday!!! Today just happens to be National String Cheese Day which means we are celebrating in the kithchen!!! When my daughter was little she LOVED to grate sting cheese for her pizzas and we started to research other fun ways to cook with string cheese. 

There are TONS of super fun recipes!!!

We LOVE these string cheese butterflies!

Halloween inspiration...string cheese ghosts and witches brooms! BOO!!!!

Dr. Suess string cheese Cat in The Hat

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super String Cheese!!!!!!

For winter....string cheese reindeer and these DARLING string cheese snowmen!

Share the LOVE with string cheese cupids arrows! SWOON!!!

No matter what you've got going on today be sure to celebrate the small things. LIFE IS GOOD!! (especially when you add cheese!) ;) 

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