Mario Lopez Talks About Almost Getting Into a Fight and Having His Phone Sm

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For Mario Lopez, the worst part about almost getting into a fight at the gym last week was having to get a new phone, after the other guy smashed his.

Mario gave the details on his radio show yesterday. He was at the gym in his Las Vegas hotel, and he and another guy bumped each other while he was leaving the bathroom. He said “Excuse me,” but the guy got in his face.

Some employees jumped in to calm things down, and in all the chaos, Mario dropped his phone. So the other guy picked it up and threw it against the wall. Mario said, “It smashed. Now I’m really upset, but I managed to contain myself.”

Then the guy went NUTS and started shoving everybody; Mario said three people filed assault charges against him, but HE didn’t, because he didn’t want to deal with it, plus, he had enough trouble dealing with his phone.

He said, “I would rather have been personally assaulted than my phone. It wouldn’t have been as inconvenient! My gosh, I had to go to Caesar’s Palace and get a new phone.

“It wasn’t backed up on iCloud…the whole thing is a nightmare dealing with it, in that sense.”


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