Jamie Lee Curtis Will Be in the New Halloween Movie



If you’re upset that they’re making a new “Halloween” movie, there are two things that should make you feel better about it: one you already know, and one you’re ABOUT to know.

The one you already know is that John Carpenter is back as a producer and a creative consultant.  He might even do the music, like he did for all his own movies, including the original “Halloween.”

The second thing is just as huge:  They’re bringing Jamie Lee Curtis back!  Yes, she’ll return as Laurie Strode, to have one last confrontation with Michael Myers.

This new movie will be a sequel to the first two “Halloween” movies, which came out in 1978 and 1981. 

That means it’ll ignore the 1998 movie “Halloween: H20,” where Laurie returned for the first time and 2002’s “Halloween: Resurrection,” where – SPOILER ALERT – Michael finally KILLED her.

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