EBuzz Bites: Stories From George & Amal Clooney, Usher, Aaron Carter + More

"Money Monster" - Red Carpet Arrivals - The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival

GEORGE CLOONEY says he and AMAL didn’t talk about having kids until after they were married, and they didn’t use fertility drugs.  (Full Story)

That woman suing USHER is backtracking on her claim that they made a sex tape.  (Full Story)

 Sounds like AARON CARTER’s going through some stuff.  Police were called to his house three times in 24 hours.  One of those times he was threatening family members.  (Full Story)

KATE WINSLET is the latest celebrity to awkwardly attempt to defend the fact that she worked with WOODY ALLEN.  Kate also did a ROMAN POLANSKI movie – 2011’s “Carnage.” She says she had an “extraordinary” experience with both men. (Full Story)

RYAN PHILLIPPE’s recent leg injury was caused by a freak accident involving a UTV.  (Full Story)

The DAVE MATTHEWS BAND will host “A Concert for Charlottesville” on the 24th of this month.  It’s billed as a day of music, unity, and peace, and the bill includes Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Ariana Grande, and The Roots.  (Full Story)

GUCCI MANE is throwing himself a MILLION DOLLAR WEDDING this fall, and it’s being filmed for BET, so you know it’s gonna be LIT.  Even the invitations cost $1,000 each, thanks to the Swarovski crystals inside.  He invited 100 people, but he only sent out 50 of the expensive invites, but still, that’s 50-grand.

The director of “The Last Jedi” has confirmed who the Last Jedi is, but it’s complicated.  (Full Story)

U2 released a new song yesterday called You’re the Best Thing About Me.  (Full Story)

JARED LETO is apparently as confused as you are about the whole “two Jokers” thing over at Warner Brothers, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it.  (Full Story)

CHER was super-proud of her son CHAZ BONO after seeing him on the season premiere of “American Horror Story.”


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