Its The Little Things, Right???


There are so many little things in life that make us grin!!! When I saw this bag I was giddy because I knew there would be some cheers at my house! Back in 2013, the fine makers of Skittles rocked our world when they changed green Skittles from YUMMY, DELISH LIME to not very yummy green apple. We were not thrilled about this flavor change at my house. We would literally eat around the green and ended up throwing them away. EEK! 

We must not be the only ones, this weekend, I glanced down and say those magical words LIME IS BACK!!!!!!!! (there were even petitions begging for lime to return) It worked. YAY!!!  Yes, I realize in the big picture of life, this is a minuscule moment BUT we are excited!!! If your family likes to cook together, there are TONS of fun recipes you can make with Skittles. 

What little treats are y'all celebrating at your house??? 

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