EBuzz Bites From Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie + More 

CHRIS EVANS being greeted by his dog after being away on a movie set for 10 weeks might just make your day.

 Watch KIT HARINGTON try to teach GERI “GINGER SPICE” HALLIWELL a famous line from “Game of Thrones.”

 LADY GAGA had to cancel a show because she got sick performing in the rain.  (Full Story) SAM DEKKER of the L.A. Clippers posted a picture of his sink getting fixed by AARON RODGERS.

 After taking a year off due to her “family situation,” ANGELINA JOLIE is planning a return to acting…because there’s nothing out there she wants to direct right now.  A “Maleficent” sequel could be her next project.  (Full Story)

CHANCE THE RAPPER is launching a new education-themed awards show that will honor teachers, parents, principals, and students who “convey leadership.”

SAM SMITH announced that his new single will be called “Too Good at Goodbyes.”  It’s coming out on Friday.  (Full Story)

MARIAH CAREY released a teaser for her animated movie “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  (Full Story)


HOLLY MARIE COMBS from “Charmed” and “Pretty Little Liars” is engaged.  (Full Story)

CAITLYN JENNER says she hasn’t talked to KIM KARDASHIAN in six to nine months.  (Full Story)

An expert rated several celebrity wines.  (Full Story)

CNN obtained a copy of the letter PRESIDENT OBAMA left for DONALD TRUMP on Inauguration Day.  (Full Story)

HEATHER GRAHAM and her boyfriend split.  (Full Story)

SMASH MOUTH singer STEVE HARWELL was hospitalized Thursday due to a heart condition he’s been dealing with for a few years.  He will not die.  (Full Story)

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