How Does Luis Fonzi Feel About Justin Bieber Not Knowing Despacito Lyrics?

Luis Fonzi spoke out about Justin not knowing the lyrics to Despacito, and I like his attitude about it! 

He explained “I don’t expect him to memorize the words: They’re hard, and he doesn’t speak the language, go easy on him. I recorded a Portuguese version of the song — it was for a Brazilian version of the song — and Portuguese is very similar to Spanish. If you asked me right now to sing the Portuguese version, I wouldn’t even know the first word. So, imagine someone, a Canadian, speaking Spanish, in a chorus that goes ‘da-di-da-di-da-dito’: It’s just a bunch of information. So I don’t blame him. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.”

Cool guy. 

btw Despacito is the first Spanish-language single to top the Billboard Hot 100 since...The Macarena! 

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