EBuzz Bites From Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Kevin Hart, Linkin Park, Kris

2008 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage and Audience


KRISTEN STEWART and her girlfriend are now threatening legal action against sites that posted their leaked, nude pics.  (Full Story)

BRITNEY SPEARS fans are petitioning the state of Louisiana to replace confederate statues with monuments to their hometown girl.  (Full Story)

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has a huge back tattoo.  But is it real, or for a movie?

DEMI LOVATO will sing the national anthem for the FLOYD MAYWEATHER / CONOR MCGREGOR fight this weekend.  (Full Story)

KEVIN HART says he laughs off claims that he’s a cheater.  (Full Story)

 On “America’s Got Talent” last night, MEL B. threw her drink on SIMON and left the judges’ table after he tried to make a joke about her wedding night.  It happened after a magician’s trick went wrong due to technical difficulties.  (Video)

It has been confirmed that GWYNETH PALTROW is returning for the fourth “Avengers”movie.  (Full Story)

We know you wanna see a butter sculpture of Canada’s Prime Minister JUSTIN TRUDEAU holding two baby pandas.

 LINKIN PARK is planning a public event in Los Angeles to honor CHESTER BENNINGTON.  There aren’t any details yet.  (Full Story)

BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN wants to fill MEGAN FOX up with another baby.  But this time he wants a GIRL.  He already has four boys.  (Full Story)

MIRANDA KERR is so sold on the power of crystals that she keeps one in her bra.  (Full Story)

JERRY LEWIS died, but JERRY LEE LEWIS is still alive.  Some people got them confused.  (Full Story)

It has been confirmed that GWYNETH PALTROW is returning for the fourth “Avengers”movie.  (Full Story)Z

GEORGE and AMAL CLOONEY donated $1 million to an anti-hate group.  (Full Story)

BILL COSBY’s new legal team means his retrial will be postponed until next year.  (Full Story)

ARIANA GRANDE and SETH MACFARLANE sang “Suddenly Seymour” from “Little Shop of Horrors” on Apple’s “Carpool Karaoke” last night.  And here’s a clip of an episode with MAISIE WILLIAMS and SOPHIE TURNER from “Game of Thrones.”

 Would it surprise you to learn that MARIAH CAREY bowls in heels?

LINDSAY LOHAN is asking her fans if she should start working on a new album.

Is this supposed to mean something?  DRAKE posted a picture of himself on the couch, wearing a pair of socks from RIHANNA’s clothing line.

JENNIFER LOPEZ and ALEX RODRIGUEZ are in that “couples selfie” phase of their relationship.

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