Another Day, Another Clue: Is Taylor Swift Is “Overhauling Her Image” with



Taylor Swift is still being mysterious on social media, meaning that she probably has some new music on the way.  Everyone seems to think she’s putting out a single on Friday.

She dropped ANOTHER snake video on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and rumor has it, she’s trying to reinvent herself again.

A “source” told “Us” magazine, “The single is very different.  It goes from very soft, to hard, to soft again.  Taylor is overhauling her image.”

The source said she’s still “pop,” so it isn’t like she’s going metal or anything, but her new stuff “doesn’t sound like anything she’s done before.”

Another source says Taylor’s upcoming video is, “definitely eye-catching.”

In related news, Taylor’s next album will have a “totally different” track-list than any other album she’s put out…and her live shows will have parts that “go from very quiet, to loud, to quiet again.”

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