Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Back Together? She Drops The “L” Word!



In an interview yesterday, Katy Perry was asked if she’s back together with Orlando Bloom.  She didn’t exactly answer the question, but she did drop the “L” word.

She said, “Well you know I think people are in and out of your life.  It’s nice to keep people you love around you…

“When you get older, lines get blurred.  And you know what, I’m really busy.  I’m about to go on tour for another year.”

Katy was also asked if she and Taylor Swift are going to end their beef at the “VMAs.”  It sounds like that was just a rumor, but Katy did say she’d love to squash it.

They also asked her about a supposed rumor that David Hasselhoff is in the running to be an “American Idol” judge, but she knew nothing about that. 

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