Court Sketch Artist Says Taylor Swift Hard to Draw Because She’s Beautiful"

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The guy’s name is Jeff Kandyba, and he was interviewed by a local news station in Denver because it’s 2017, and literally EVERYBODY gets a crack at their 15 minutes of fame.

Jeff said it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks. “A person like Taylor Swift, who’s very pretty…[and] has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face…is actually much harder [to sketch]…

“Everybody’s got little idiosyncrasies about them that you want to pick up on. It’s hard. Some people are just much easier to draw than others. If you give me somebody with a beard and glasses…bingo…[I] got it.”

Here’s video, and you can find some of his sketches, here and here.  It’s actually pretty interesting. His job is to make still drawings while people are moving around and so he practiced drawing her BEFORE the trial.

See the sketch here.

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