EBuzz Bites From Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus, Bieber &


TAYLOR SWIFT’s legal battle with a DJ who allegedly groped her has at least yielded some fun courtroom sketches.

SELENA GOMEZ and ELLE FANNING will star in the next WOODY ALLEN movie.  (Full Story)

MILEY CYRUS will release her new album “Younger Now” on September 29th.  (Full Story)

 JUSTIN BIEBER showed up at the PGA Championship yesterday and rapped.

 ZENDAYA says she and her “Spider-Man” co-star TOM HOLLAND are just friends.  (Full Story)

ANDY SAMBERG and his wife have a new baby girl.  (Full Story)

Things have reportedly fizzled out between KATE BECKINSALE and her 21-year-old boyfriend.  (Full Story)

THE ROCK is getting his “Brahma Bull” arm tattoo updated.

Disney is ending its deal with Netflix to start its own streaming service.  (Full Story)

In Melbourne, Australia, someone made a street mural of the awkward moment when JERRY SEINFELD refused to hug KESHA.  And since Jerry was IN Melbourne yesterday, he decided to have some fun with it.

Lionsgate wants more “Hunger Games” and “Twilight” movies, but it doesn’t sound like either franchise is getting revived any time soon.  (Full Story)

Fox might bring back “King of the Hill.”  (Full Story)

Whoever hacked HBO released some info on “Game of Thrones,” including personal phone numbers of some of the actors.  They’re looking for MILLIONS in ransom.  (Full Story)

An old letter JOHN LENNON wrote to his first wife Cynthia says that neither YOKO ONO nor LSD was to blame for their divorce.  (Full Story)

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