Open Carry Of Swords And Other Texas Laws Taking Effect

These laws all go into effect this year, and they range from the "long overdue" to "downright bizarre." 

1. Texting and driving

Texans will no longer be able to "read, write, or send an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle unless the vehicle is stopped," according to a law that takes effect Sept. 1.

2. Lunch-shaming law

Starting Sept. 1, public schools will have to institute grace periods for students who don't have money to pay for school lunches. The law requires schools to notify parents when students have low lunch account balances. 

3. Attacking a police officer will be considered a hate crime

Pretty self-explanatory

4. Open carry of swords (yes, really)

Texans will legally be allowed to carry swords, machetes, sabers, spears and knives with blades more than 5.5 inches long in most public places starting Sept. 1. Yay. 

There are a few more laws going into effect regarding weapons, and can be found on DMN here

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