EBuzz Bites From Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Serena Williams + More



MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY thinks his “Dark Tower” co-star IDRIS ELBA should be “People” magazine’s next Sexiest Man Alive.  (Full Story)

COLDPLAY did LINKIN PARK’s “Crawling” as a tribute to CHESTER BENNINGTON.  (Full Story)

 A really funny joke from “Thor: Ragnarok” actually came from a Make-A-Wish kid who was on the set one day.  (Full Story)

Several of the Disney Princess movies are coming back to theaters from September through October.  (Full Story)

JUSTIN BIEBER wrote a message to his fans, explaining what’s been going on with him.  (Full Story)

Speaking of BIEBER, he’s showing off the tiny cross tattoo next to his eye?

The reason MICHAEL STRAHAN wasn’t on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday was because he had an accident and lost a little bit of his pinky.  (Full Story)

The school used in Disney’s “High School Musical” was damaged in a flood.  (Full Story)

SERENA WILLIAMS is in her third trimester and STILL putting time in at the gym.

The HBO hack is reportedly WAY bigger than the Sony hack from a few years ago.  This could get interesting.  (Full Story)

The season premiere of “Game of Thrones” is about to hit 30 MILLION views.  (Full Story)

Do these celebrity couples prove that opposites attract?  (Full Story)

JONAH HILL’s been hitting the gym pretty hard, and it shows.

TOM CRUISE is still doing his best to put stuntmen out of work.  He just did his own skydiving for “Mission: Impossible 6”.

LARRY KING would love to get the first post-prison O.J. SIMPSON interview.  (Full Story)

Former FBI Director JAMES COMEY has signed a $2.5 million book deal.  (Full Story)

On “Colbert” last night, DAVE CHAPPELLE called PRESIDENT TRUMP “a bad DJ at a good party.”  (Full Story)

ALEX RODRIGUEZ says his suspension for performance-enhancing drugs made him realize he had to stop being a jerk.  (Full Story)

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